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Jamaican Blue Mountain

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Jamaican coffee is considered to be of the Blue Mountain variety, and there are extensive guidelines put in place to differentiate it from other coffee crops grown around the island. Three things make Blue mountain coffee different from any other coffee grown on the island...

1. Jamaican Blue Mountain beans have to be grown along the beautiful Blue Mountain ridge. Located on the east side of the country, it’s the longest mountain range on the island, and it runs through several different parishes.

2. All Jamaican Blue Mountain must be grown within the parishes of St. Andrew, St. Mary, St. Thomas, or Portland parishes. Coffee beans harvested elsewhere are excluded from the esteemed classification.

3.  JBM beans must be grown between altitudes of 3000-5000 feet above sea level. Anything grown at a different elevation doesn’t make the grade.

Coffee Profile:

Roast:       Light

Origin:      Jamacia

Region: Davis Hill, St Andrews Parish

Estate: Various Smallholder Estates

Owner: Smallfarmers Coffee Ltd

Elevation:  1030masl

Crop Year: 2019/20

Varietal: Typica

Grade: Grade 1

Cetification: Jacra

Processing: Washed

Cupping Notes: Complex and well balanced acidity, sweet notes of Caramel & Lemon citrus softening into milk chocolate and subtle nut flavours. Medium length clean finish.